Monday April 20th “At-Home Workout”

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Buy in – 2 Rounds

5 Each YTWA on floor (thanks Don!!)

10 No Push-up Burpees

20 90/90s *external and internal stretch at 10+20

30 sec Spinal Twist each side

A1) Tempo Goblet Squat x 6 @44×1

rest :10 – :20

A2) Tempo Bent Over Row x 6 @41×4

Right side – rest :10 – Left side

rest 1 min between sets x 8

Metcon – 10 min AMRAP

w/ Backpack + household weights (soup cans, books, water bottles)

2-4-6-8….Lateral Lunge

10 Grasshoppers

Mobility –

3 min Wall Hinge (1 min hold / 1 min flow / 1 min hold)

3 min Can Opener Each Side

***We are going to be doing Support Your Local Box Workout #3 on Wednesday and scores are due Friday take a look online as you might need to gather some gear for it*** will post more about this over the next couple days

April 20, 2020