Wednesday April 1st “At-Home Workout”

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Warm Up – 25ft drills

Knee Hug March

Lunge To Lizard

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift to Kick

Hurdle Walk Overs Forward there Backwards Back

Lateral Duck Unders

Reaching Duck Walk Forward / Backward


Ankle to Elbow

Butt Kicks

High Knees

Power Skips

A) Run @ 85%

800 m Run

rest 3 min x 2


400 m Run

rest 2 min x 4


200 m Run

rest 1 min x 8

Mobility – 90/90 Flow 3-5 reps per movement x 1-2 rounds per side

Forward Fold

Lateral Lean


Hip Switch

Hip Switch + Extension

Hip Switch + Extension into Lunge

Front Leg Lift Off

Front Leg Lift Off + Extension

Back Leg Internal Rotation

Back Leg Internal Rotation + Extension

April 1, 2020