Happy New Year January 3rd to January 9th At Home Programming!!

let’s try and stay involved with each other by posting times, pictures, videos of us doing our at home workouts on our Facebook page or on your Instagram. Tag #evolvealwaysathomewods also some gyms are starting to tag #healthmattersjan18 to keep up the fight against the closers and fight for our health!


DB/KB pick up 830-1030am and 330-530pm

3 sets each one for time

25 Push ups

50 Air Squats

100 Double Unders (80 jumping jacks)

50 Air Squats

25 Push ups

Rest 3 min


A) Pause Single Leg Romanian Deadlift 4×8 / leg

rest 60 sec between each leg

pause for 4 sec at deepest hinge under control

if you don’t have a DB/KB yet grab an object from around the house

B) Soup Can YTWA’s 5×5

Do as we would in the gym with light plates

C) 20 Hollow Rocks into 20 Step ups to chair or something around the house rest 60 sec x5


Buy in – EA Warm up (as much as you can do)

A) Elevated Heal Goblet Squats 5×20 rest 60-90 seconds between

*if not DB or KB get creative and let’s see what you use!!

Metcon – 8 min AMRAP

2,4,6,8…….until time cap of

Burpees and Alternating Vsnaps

rest 4 min

start from where you finished and go back down to zero for time!


Buy in – 50 Inch worms (no push up just out to a nice plank)

A) DB Strict Press – 5 x 8-12 Reps (controlled negatives)

*rest 60 seconds after done both arms

B) DB Bent over Row 5×8-12 reps tempo @31×5

*tempo is 3 down , 1 bottom, fast up , 5 top!

*rest 60 seconds after done both arms

C) Russian Twist 4×30-40

must stay unbroken and rest as needed



1)8-10 Burpees

2)12 Right Arm SA DB Push Jerk

3) 12 Left Arm SA DB Push Jerk

4) 15-20 Jump Squats (get some air!)

5) 30 sec each side – side plank

6) rest

Buy out – Shovel Snow!

January 3, 2022