As per the Provincial Heath Order we will be closed. Fingers crossed for some better news this week. As for now I will program some at home no equipment workouts. Keep your heads up we will get through this together!

Few options for the start of the week

Option #1
12 Days of Christmas Style

1 Burpee

2 Plank Up Downs

3 Sit ups

4 Mountain Climbers

5 Push ups

6 Jumping Lunges

7 V-snaps

8 Lateral Lunges (4 each way)

9 Air Squats

10 Russian Twist

11 Prisoner Good Mornings

12 Burpee Squat Jump

Option #2

100 Reverse Burpees For time

Option #3

Pick an easy number of push ups to do in one set

try and hit that number every minute for 30 mins

* pick a show or podcast zone out and get better at pushups

Option #4

8 Rounds

40 Air Squats

40 alternating reverse lunges

rest 1 min

December 27, 2021