June 21nd to 27th programming!!


Buy in – EA Warm Up

A) Front Squat – 5-4-3-2-1 *building

*hit a couple warm up sets before

B) For time

21/16 cal Row or Ski

42 Wall Balls

21/16 cal Row or Ski

36 Wall Balls

21/16 cal Row or Ski

30 Wall Balls

* 15 min cap


Buy in – 3 Rounds
1 Minute Skip
5 Strict Pull Ups
0:20 Handstand Hold
7 Dumbbell Single Leg RDL (Moderate) (each Side)
7 Dumbbell Single Arm Russian Swings (Moderate) (each Side)
7 Single Arm Dumbbell Press (Moderate) (Each side)

A) Bench Press 5×5 @70-80%

B) 10 Rounds for time

4 Strict HSPU

5 Strict Pull ups

6 Alternating DB Snatch (heavy!!)


Buy in – 3 Rounds

25 Light KB Swings

5 Shrugs, 5 High Pulls, 5 Muscle Cleans, 5 Pull Unders, 5 Push Jerks

Mobility – Hip internal Rotation + Hand in high band

A) Power Clean + Push Jerk + Power Clean

  • 3 working sets at 75-80% of Power clean
  • Rest 60-90 between sets

B) Power Clean + Push Jerk

  • 3 sets between 80-85%
  • Rest 60-90 between sets

WOD – 8 min AMRAP

24 Reverse lunges

4 Wall Walks


Buy in- 2 Rounds

400m row or ski / 15 Banded Good Mornings / 15 Sit-ups / 15 Air Squats / 10 Hanging Scap retractions

A) For time

25 Deadlifts @40%
50 Sit-ups

25 Deadlifts @50%
50 Situps

25 Deadlifts @60%

50 Situps

16 min cap and rest 1:1

then for time

3 rounds

20 T2B

40 Air Squats

also a 16 min cap


Warm up – Easy 400m run then 10 Legs swing each leg (both directions) / 30 sec walk each – toe walk, heal walk, toes out, toes in, lunge with twist, figure four walk, knee to chest walk, hurdle steps, lunge with reach

A) 5000m Run for time!!

post from Facebook for those that didn’t see it

The end to our running progression is coming to an end this week!!

5000m for time!!!

Posting this so you can all get familiar with one of the 2 routes (if not you can do 5x1000m)

It is going to be warm tomorrow so please start hydrating today!! Bring a hat, sun screen, water, etc. I looked into pushing it to next week but it is just getting hotter so tomorrow is the day let’s put all that hard work to a test!!

Don’t forget to put your PRs on the board!!


Pick your day!!

June 21, 2021