Warm Up – 25ft drills Knee Hug March Lunge To Lizard Single Leg Romanian Deadlift to Kick Hurdle Walk Overs Forward there Backwards Back Lateral Duck Unders Reaching Duck Walk Forward / Backward Ankling Ankle to Elbow Butt Kicks High Knees Power Skips A) Run @ 85% 800 m Run rest 3 min x 2 […]

Wednesday April 1st “At-Home Workout”

Warm up – 3 Rounds 10 x 10m Shuffle 20 Step Overs 10 Samson Lunge 10 Good Mornings A) Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat x 8 per leg rest 90-120 sec x 5 sets (scale to split squat if you cant elevate the rear foot *not in video) B) Single Leg Romanian Deadlift x 8 […]

Tuesday March 31st “At-Home Workouts”

Warm up – 3 Rounds – 30 sec on – 30 sec rest Reverse Burpee Push-up Heismans Low Knees A) Tempo Strict Press @40×2 x max reps on weaker side then match that on other arm Rest 90 sec x 5 sets B) Tempo Bent Over Row @40×2 x max reps on weaker side then […]

Monday March 30th “At-Home Workout”

Rest day!! Make 2 goals – one to accomplish this week and one over the next month! Goals are meant to be a challenge but also accomplished. Don’t short your self but also shoot for the stars!! These goals aren’t meant to be just for the gym or fitness. Something to better you!! Lets go!!

Sunday March 29th

Warm up – EA Warm Up (Arm and Leg swings / 3 min Run/Jump/Burpee/Hop/do something to get blood flowing / Scorpion / Yoga Push-up / Bird Dog / Shoulder Work / Single Leg Romanian Deadlift / Monster Walk / Cossack Squat / Air Squat ) A) Single Arm KB/DB Snatch 10 Right Arm + 10 […]

Saturday March 28th “At-Home Workout”

Warm up – 3 Rounds 30-60 sec Run 5 Hand Release Burpees 10 Walking Lunges 10 Air Squats A) 3 Rounds Not For Time 20 Glute Bridge 10 Side Plank Arch Ups / side 20 Sec Hollow Rock Metcon – For time 800m Run 50 Hand Release Burpees 800m Run 80 Walking Lunges 800m Run […]

Friday March 27th “At-Home Workout”