Monday May 11th “At-Home Workout”

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Buy in – EA Warm-up

At-Home Deck Of Pain w/ a Dumbbell!!!

Heart – DB Snatch

Diamond – Mountain Climbers

Club – DB Goblet Squat

Spade – DB Push Press

Joker – 20 Burpees

Workout flow – Flip over 4 cards. What ever the cards say do! The suit is the movement and the # on the card is the number of reps. All face cards are 10 and ace is 11. When you finish those 4 cards slide them to the side and flip 4 more over. If you are doing this in a group/ as a team you can help each other out with the reps. All players much be doing the same movement.

Time cap – 35 min

May 11, 2020