Hello 2019!

Happy 2019 to all Evolution Athletics athletes and your families! Hope everyone is looking forward to a fun-filled year at The Box.

New Members to E.A.

A couple of new faces to join us are Dot, who you’ll see on a Tuesday or Thursday at 9.30am. Dot is starting CrossFit in her 70’s and just killing it with her progress! Also Kyle is new and comes from a very strong fitness background so he’s enjoying learning some of the CrossFit techniques and skills. Also Travis Wise is just about to complete Fundamentals so you’ll be seeing him in classes very soon. Travis is Jen’s hubby.

Goals Board

The current Goals Board that’s above where the Kettle Bells are is going to be erased and EVERYONE is going to put up 2 goals, 1 short-term, and 1 long-term and an Optional Life Goal. EVERYONE MEANS EVERYONE. Start thinking about it!

E.A. Newsletter. Edition #7 Jan 2019

January 10, 2019