These will be added to already implemented protocols. All of this is in effort to go above and beyond to keep everyone safe and healthy while still being able to work out!

- We will be postponing High Intensity Interval Training (time to get some extra strength and gymnastics work in!!)

- Mask will be mandatory at all times unless you are in your square (if you wish to wear one at all times of course that is your choice) 

- We have made boxes so everyone will have their own work out space 

As we find ourselves in hard times, we are grateful to be still doing what we love

We will have new procedure to start and finish/change over of classes

- Enter the gym 5 min before your class. Once in take off outdoor shoes and coat in front area then proceed to the bullpen 

- If you have a bag with your gear in it bring it with you to your square 

- If you are running behind and not in the gym before your class wait outside until the class before you has cleared out

- If there is a class before you stay in the bullpen until the coach calls your class in

- If there is no class before you proceed to a square 

- At the end of class you will clean all of your gear and wait in your box until the coach releases you (this is to prevent cross over between classes)

*please remember no loitering before or after class

Lets all remember no one wished for these unusual times. Masks might not be ideal but for now we won't have to wear them for most of the time we are in the gym. Please be kind we will get through this!! Hopefully soon enough we will be giving fist pumps and high fives!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Dustin directly.


- Coaches will be screening for COVID-19 symptoms

- Staff are self monitor for COVID-19 symptoms

- Wash hand when you enter and before you leave

- Hand sanitizer will be supplied for your use

- Keep physical distance of 6 feet

- Clean all equipment before and after use

- More frequent cleaning

- No sharing of equipment

- Only one person in washroom at a time

- If possible come and leave in your workout gear

- Must sign-in using Zenplanner - classes limited to 14 people

- We ask for no congregating after class

COVID-19 health and safety plan: