WODs for the week Oct 23rd to 29th!!


Good luck to all our athletes competing in the Fraser Valley Throwdown this weekend!!!

Also a big shout-out to all those that are going to help out and cheer on!!!

Due to this event we will be closed Saturday sorry for any inconveniences.



Buy in – 3 rounds – 5 shrugs/ 5 power cleans w/pause/ 5 full grip front squats/ 10 plate foot work drills

Mobility between rounds

A) Power Cleans – Below the knee x3 build to a heavy but good form

B) Light power snatch cycling work

Metcon – 7 min AMRAP

10 Power snatch (75/55)


Scale BMU with Jumping pull ups (double the reps)

Buy out – accumulate 2 min double KB front rack hold



Buy in – 4 rounds 10 walking good mornings (bb on back)/ 6 BTN push press/ 6 OHS

A) Push Press- Build to a heavy 3 in 6 sets

B) DB Super set x3  standing flys x10/ standing external rotations x 10/ bent over flys x10

Metcon – For time

50 Double unders – buy in


Front squats (155/105) unbroken

HSPU 1 sec pause at top

50 Double unders – buy out



Buy in – EA warm up

A) Bench Press 7 x 5 to a max for the day

B) BB row (supinated grip) 3 x 10

Metcon – 4 Rounds For time

12 KB swings

16 Step ups (high)

20 Sit ups



Buy in – KB warm up 5 reps of each (do one arm through then the next) Single arm KB swing/ Push press/ Front squat (waiter squat)/ Thruster / OHS then walk wall to wall with KB locked out OH

*work on this for 15 min ( after you do Left and right arm perform 5 broad jumps)

A) 5 Supepsets – 6 DL @ 75-80% of 1rm directly into 3 sets of 3 hurdle hops

Metcon- 7 Min EMOM

7 WB

3 Muscle ups

subs can be 3 low ring transitions or 6 ring rows



Buy in – Group of 3 Accumulate 100 cal on AD other 2 partners pass light wall ball granny style (if group of 2 Accumulate 70 cal and other partner granny tosses at the wall)

A) Back squat – 10-10-10-10-10-10 to a heavy last set(s) should be a grinder

*if coach feels you dogged it they will give you one more 10

Metcon – .com WOD

20 Min AMRAP

15 Burpees

30/20 Cal row





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