WODs for the week!! May 29th – June 4th



Buy in – EA warm up

A1) Romanian Deadlift 4×8 @ working weights

A2) High box jumps 4×3 (4 at same height for working sets)

Metcon – 7 min AMRAP

10 Power Cleans (135/95)

10 Pull ups (be smart Murph is at the end of the week)

Buy out 3 min bottom of squat sit



Buy in – 5 min run bike row

then 5 yoga push ups  + 10 PVC Cuban Press x 3 rounds

A) Over head hold – Take 100% of your strict press 1rm

keep it overhead until you have completed 2 minutes

B) Front squat – 10 min EMOM ladder adding 10-20# each min (taken from floor)

Metcon – 3 rounds for time

200m run

15 Burpees

10 Russian KB swings (heavy)

Buy out 30 each way kneeling pallof press



Buy in – 100 air squats every 25 reps do 1 min per side external hip mobility

2 min frog stretch

A) Back squat -x5 build to a moderate weight but perfect form 5 sec pause at bottom

B) 4×10 Ring rows (can do these during your rest in last 4 sets of BS)

Metcon – 12 min AMRAP

250 m row

10 Power Snatch (75/45)


30 sec rest each round





We will do it a little different this year

1 mile run

5 rounds

20 Pull ups

40 Push ups

60 Air squats

1 mile run




If you did it on Friday build up to 70% of 1rm in top to bottom power clean and power snatch

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