WODs for the week Jan 8th – 14th!!


Reminder we will be putting on the Okanagan Valley Throwdown this weekend so we will have some changed hours

Thursday NO 630 pm class we will be tearing down and moving the gear to the SOEC

Saturday NO classes come help or come cheer everyone on!!!


Buy in – 4 sets 8 per leg HIGH box step up with 1 min bottom of squat hold between sets

A) Bench Press 7×5

B) Strict Banded pull ups 4×10

Metcon – For time

25 Thrusters 95/65

then 21-15-9

Deadlift 185

Bar facing burpees



Buy in – 3 rounds 250  m row each round faster/ 5 each way lateral/front/back lung / 10 inch worm with push up (not moving)/ 10 ring rows

Mobility – Sqaut

A) Back squat – Build to a 1rm 5×2 then 3 singles

*if you are competing this weekend 5×3 at 75

Metcon – For time

25 Burpees

50 KB swings

100 Air squats

150 Double unders

100 Air squats

50 KB swings

25 Burpees

20 min cap



Buy in – EA warm up

A) Power snatch x3 build through 4-5 sets then do 3 sets at your moderate/heavy

Metcon – 10 min AMRAP

15 cal row

15 Box jumps

15 DB snatch

15 Pull ups



Buy in – 5 rounds 30 sec hallow hold rest 15 sec 30 sec super man rest 15 sec

EMOM 6 rounds alternating

1)1 round cindy (scale to finish in 50-55 sec)

2)8 power cleans 4o-50%

3)Max Cal bike


Buy out skill session

Pistols/rope climbs/ single arm overhead squats



EA warm up

A) with partner double tabata on AD

B) Tabata burpees

C) 10 min EMOM

5 air squats + 7 DB cleans

20 Double unders + 8 DB snatch







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