November Newsletter!!

E.A. Newsletter. Edition #1 November 2017

Welcome!  To our FIRST EVER Evolution Athletics Newsletter!  The plan with this Newsletter is to find a way to communicate with EVERYONE at the Box.  We realize everyone is not on Facebook, or email, so this will be printed and placed at the Box, it will be posted on our FB Page, and will be emailed to you!  There’s no getting away from it!!

NEW OLYMPIC LIFTING CLUB AND GYMNASTICS CLASSES will be held every Monday at 6:30pm (in place of the 6:30pm Crossfit class).  We will alternate each week between Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics.  These classes will start on Monday 20th November and will give us lots of time to work on skills, progressions, accessory work, major lifts and movements.  These classes will be included with 4 days a week, or Unlimited Memberships.  Drop-in for this will cost $15 for Members and $20 for Non-Members. (You can buy a punch pass on top of your membership for this)

FRASER VALLEY THROWDOWN in case you missed the news, our very own Dustin Minty competed at the Abbotsford.   EA also had a Team in the Recreational  Division appropriately named “We’re only here for Erin’s cookies” comprised of Megan Minty, Lori Hartskamp, Shawn Lawley and Sean Haylow making a very powerful team that killed their competition and placed first!!   Dustin gave a former Crossfit Regionals Competitor a hard battle for the 1st place in the Men’s Competitive division and placed a hugely worthy 2nd place.

MEGAN MINTY has now completed her Crossfit Level 1 Course.  Congrats Megs!  She will be shadowing her big bro’ and then soon Coaching classes herself – woohoo!

CHRISTMAS PARTY For anyone who joined E.A. in 2017 and doesn’t know of our awesome EA Annual Christmas Party be ready for it! There will be a sign up sheet for wha food you are able to bring and how many peeps in your party (family friendly!)  There is always a good ol’ game of Corn Hole for anyone  who wants to play, an opportunity to meet those who have been coming to E.A., but you’ve never met as you workout at different times.  A very fun time is always had by all!  Keep on the lookout for the sign up sheet coming to the Front Desk at E.A. soon!

OKANAGAN VALLEY THROWDOWN The 5th Annual OVT will be held at the South Okanagan Events Centre on the weekend of January 13th and 14th.  Our Box hosts this event which has about 300 athletes from all over the Valley and also the Lower Mainland.  As always, we are in great need for MANY volunteers.  Things we need assistance with are Judging, Equipment Movers, Rig Set-up’ers, Registration helpers and more.  There will be a volunteer sign up sheet at EA and Dustin will be approaching each and every one of you asking how and when you can help us out.  The more helpers we can get, the shorter shifts everyone can do.  Food will be provided to all volunteers, along with so much love, hugs, so much fun hanging out and being part of this great weekend and maybe Erin’s cookies?????  Erin?  Oh and an Event T-shirt also!

WELCOME NEW ATHLETES Huge congratulations to Dylan Parkhurst for completing his Fundamentals Program – welcome to fun times at The Box!

Dylan will probably be seen at the 5:30pm classes (along with the person who’s nose is in the bottom right hand corner of this pic!)   Make sure you say “hi” and welcome him.  Remember when you started how it felt?

In closing………….

We will endeavor to get this Newsletter out to our Members once a month.  If there’s anything you’d like to see added to this Newsletter, or any comments and/or constructive criticism,  please contact Kim Kohan via email  or let Dustin know at the Box.

Happy WOD’s to all!

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